Our company offers both separate works and a full spetrum of the task decision of power supply of household and industrial enterprises as a whole.That will allow to economize on expenses at electric power up to 80% per year. We propose:
  • Technical consultations and expert assessment of power  supply of objects.
  • Organization of a financial support under condition of possible realization of the electric power.
  • Projecting of different power supply objects, wind parks,  wind-diesel complexes, equipped with turbines from the world's famous companies, as well as with the so called renewed  wind energy generators.
  • Delivery of the wind generators equipment
  • Installments, Assembling on a turn-key basis, controll of the process including the initial phase.
  • Wind energy generator service for the whole period of operating process.
  • Maintenance of wind energy equipment.
  • Measurment of wind potential in any region.
  • Calculation of assembled wind turbine.
Green World Group Ltd. offers you perfect service and the best price.