During the projecting of Energy Supply System through Wind Electric Supplement you must pay attention to the following moments:
  • The effectiveness of the project according to exact place.
  • Reliability of the wind potential measurments you have for the given place. Whether you need additional research in order to work out an investment recover scheme.
  • The use of the produced electric power and the purpose of the production (network or other resourses, for industrial use, daily needs or for sale).
  • Whether it is necessary reserve power supply .
  • Selection of the wind generator in view of world producers.
  • Substructure base works in a view of a relief area .
  • Assembling-Installation Project. The presence of special equipment suitable for heavy load and with big carrying capacity.
  • Project of the electric mains which will lead away the produced wind energy.
  • Calculation of the work and equipment price.
  • General calculation of the quantity which is expected to be produced for one year.
  • Prime cost of 1 KW per hour.
  • Periodicity, cost and matter of the service.