Energy Token®

Energy Tokens from GREEN WORLD GROUP Offer More than Just an Investment Opportunity – They’re a Key to a Sustainable Future!

1 Energy Token = 1 kW ⚡️

Why Energy Token®

Inflation Shield

With the rising inflation, Energy Tokens, which appreciate in value with the increasing electricity prices, are the perfect shield.

Yearly Profit

Invest in Energy Tokens with the potential for a 12% yearly Return.

Sustainable Investment

Energy Token represents a monthly Rewards generated from the sale of Renewable Energy from GREEN WORLD GROUP - Wind Farms.

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Regulatory Licensing

We Hold all The necessary Licenses & Permissions To Produce and Trade Renewable Energy In Europe license - No Л-436-15 / 04.03.2015, which means We are Trustworthy and Follow The Rules. Trademark registration - (111) Рег. No 171208.


Energy Tokens ⚡️ ERC20 Tokens are on Optimism L2 Blockchain⛓️

Smart Contract are Audited 🏆 Top-Tier Web Security Company 🔒

Connect Your Wallet  👉  GWG.EXCHANGE

Swap You Funds ⚡️ Energy Tokens 

You Have Energy Tokens in Your Wallet 👍

Receive Monthly Rewards 💰


KYC & KYB Measures for Every Customer

Token transfers Onlya among Whitelisted Wallets

Comprehensive Sales Agreements are in Place

Sales Proposal

Your Investment Not Only Diversifies Your Portfolio But Also Plays a Vital Role In Building a Green World 🌍

Private Sale

100K Energy Tokens - 10 €/token

1st Sale

200K Energy Tokens - 14 €/token

2nd Sale

700K Energy Tokens - 18 €/token

3rd Sale

1M Energy Tokens - 28 €/token

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​

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