Power Supply projects require giant financial investment and it is not always convinient to provide them from your own circulating assets. Our company could help our customers in finding a financial support. Working with our company is an advantage in such situation. We could help you in finding financial support from different sources. We offer bank credit projects, leasing payment projects, stock acquiring. If the financial support is to be given from Green World Group Ltd. There are three conditions should be fulfield: Land - Electrical mains - Tariff

  • Presence of land suitable for erection of wind generator.
  • A contract with the local electrical company about Wind Electric Supplement connection as a source of electric power. (Link Permit)
  • Long-term Purchase Agreement of electric power company or by other consumers. with pointing out of the term of the Contract and exact price of purchase for 1 kW.
  • All necessary documents and Permits.
The financing of such projects is made with the support of profile funds or investitures. For more information call us.