Our commercial and technical departments offer the following services:
  1. We prepare detailed individual analysis on client`s typical load profile, with the purpose of precise evaluation of benefits of client`s possible participation on the free market.
  2. Cooperation in all relating to the client registration on the free electricity market.
  3. Direct or indirect connection with a representative of the company at any time, in order to solve problems properly and in time.
  4. Training procedure for schedule exchange, which is to prepare the end-user for their beneficial participation on the free market. We aim to show with relative accuracy what the imbalances would be and for the preparation of an end-consumer precise analysis for the profit of participation on free market.
  5. Electricity supply.
  6. Highly efficient and modern monitoring system, which enables you to monitor consumed energy and financial expenses in real time, via internet.
  7. We make hourly schedules.
  8. We do a technical inspection and solve technical problems with measurement and power supply of the clients’ sites with the purpose of electricity supply.
  9. We analyze the Connection Agreements with the electricity distribution companies with the purpose of solving a problem.
  10. We analyze legal disputes between our customers and the electricity distribution companies.
  11. We can advise you on technical and normative base in the energetics as concerns the free market.
  12. Consultations on the construction of new project or reconstruction of old.