Liberalized market

Since 1st July 2007 the electricity market in Bulgaria is fully liberalized which gives every consumer the legal right to choose electricity supplier. The open market gave possibility to all end-consumers that are connected to the network on high, medium or low voltage, to have right to enter into transactions at freely negotiated prices. In 2013, consumers connected to the network of high and medium voltage were obliged to enter the free market. Those not signed a contract with a electricity trader automatically went to the supplier of last resort. The electricity prices that suppliers of last resort offer are higher than those of the traders. The free electricity market advantage is the possibility of optimizing your electricity expenses through a bilateral contract with your chosen supplier. The liberalization of the market aims to achieve electricity price optimization and to improve the level of service, while stimulating a competitive market environment. In the liberalized market, the processes of electricity production, trading and transport are separated. The creation of a Bulgarian power exchange is a necessary condition for the development of the free electricity market. For further information about electricity purchase at freely negotiated prices please check section Services