The expert assessment is made according to the European Expert Assessment Chapter 11 published in 2003, with complement from 2004. In general the expert assessment consists of:

  • Assessment of the rotor blades.
  • Assessment of the equipment and the electrical components.
  • Assessment of the function and mechanism safety function and mechanism.
  • Assessment of the hub and the substructure.
  • General assessment of the wind energy generator.

Vibration analyses We install compact noiseless device over the basic bearing, the reduction gear and generator, we make analyses of the reduction gear oil, as well as assessment of the transmission and the meshing; video endoscope analyses of the bearing. Vibration analyses can show trouble in the bearing.

Visual assessment of the rotor blades The visual assessment needs technical approach from outside. This procedure includes inspection of the outer part of the rotor blade  with the use of special techniques or steel ropes. Our specialists recommend the use of special technique. Notice: When special techniques or steel ropes are used there’s no need of elevating gear. Our experts are qualified enough and use professional approach. Their qualification is confirmed by FISAT certificate.

Oil analyses assessment Wearing out of the metal surfaces: iron, chromium, potassium, aluminum, nickel, copper, lead, boron, barium. Oil supplements: potassium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, barium, boron. Soiling supplements: silicone, potassium, soda, water (in %). Oil assessment: elasticity + 40 +100 elasticity index, oxidation. Analyses of the optical particles: with reckoning of the particles. Video-endoscope analyses: made in the reduction gear and the bearing. A detailed result can be made if a vibration analysis is possible. According to the result of the vibration analyses we make video-endoscopy.

Documents required for inspectional examination. Permit /Certificates including all applications and additions. Constructional Permit (or license)permission. Industrial exploitation accounting. Technical service. Previous Assessment Calculations assessments. These documents must be given at least two weeks before the beginning of the assessment.