Wind monitoring (research)  is the process of data collection about the wind speed at exact place at where a wind turbine should be assembled. The database from the local meteorological service is not appropriate for wind speed investigation, because the measurment they collect are made at insufficient hight. Much more precise analyses should be made when a wind energy generator is going to be installed. The wind speed measurements should be made at 30m height. We offer two types of wind speed analyses:
  1. Standard: Installation of a hub with 30m height and even up. The hub has got a special wind speed detection device and data collection device.The time required for such analyses is 365 days.
  2. Optional: Using brand new meteo-satellite technologies(according to the European Association standard).
We recommend you to choose exactly this optional type, because it is accessible for the whole Earth, in any country and region, no matter the place you chose. And you don’t need to wait the whole year. Ordering this type of wind speed research you will receive an accurate schedule of the wind speed for a period of one or two years in 5 working days. That, in turn will sharply accelerate your construction project.Our company can afford such an opportunity for our potential clients. The most important is that it costs much more cheaper. Due to this information we could make calculations about the energy which will be produced by the turbine and how long it will take to retrieve the investment. The Wind Speed Research also could be a reason for applying for bank credit or any type of financial support.