(English) Wind industry perspectives

Wind industry perspectives

The Canadian government aims at satisfy 10% of its electricity needs by wind energy generators. The plan should be fulfilled till 2015. The EU plans to assemble wind energy generators with nominal power 40 000MW till 2010. Wind energy generators with nominal power of 20 000MW will be assembled in Spain till 2011. Wind energy generators with nominal power of 20 000MW will be assembled in China till 2020. India will assemble wind energy turbines with power four times grater than in 2005. In 2012 the wind energy power there should be 12 000MW. New Zee land plans to produce 20% of its electricity by the use of wind energy turbines. For Britain this percentage is 10%. Egypt will assemble turbines with nominal power 850MW till 2010. The International Electrical Agency (IEA) prognoses that in 2030 the worlds wind energy needs will rise up to 4800 GW.
 Economical aspects of the wind energy industry
Wind energy cost Prime cost of the electricity produced by wind turbines depends on the wind speed. Wind speed – Price(USA 2004) 7,16 m/s – 4,8cents per KWh 8,08 m/s – 3,6cents per KWh 9,32 m/s – 2,6cents per KWh The cost of the electricity in the USA produced from another energy industries is 4,5 – 6 cents per KWh The average price in China is 4cents per KWh If the fixed wind energy power is double the price of the produced energy lowers with 15%. It is expected that the price will lower with 35-40% till the end of 2006. In the early 80’s the price of the wind energy was $0,38. In March 2006 Earth Policy Institute writes that the wind energy price in two regions of the USA is lower than the price of the traditional electric energy. In the autumn of 2005 the price of the wind energy becomes lower than the traditional electricity because of the raised up price of gas and coals. The companies Austin Energy (Texas) and Xcel Energy (Colorado) are the first who sell wind energy in the USA cheaper than the commonly produced electrical energy.