• The assembly of the turbines is made by certified engineers and companies, because after maintenance the producer’s product guarantee is still valid or the service company gives its own guarantee.
  • The assembly of such construction requires special equipment and techniques, because the height of the hub varies from 32m to 120m. A special crane is needed to rise the turbine and the other super heavy particles at such height. Usually these cranes should be delivered from another region or even from abroad.
  • Like all other equipment especially electrical, wind turbines should be served regularly, usually two times a year. The service includes routine examination and data collecting from the processor, which is needed for monitoring the work of the electrical equipment of the turbine.

Approxiate cost for installation works of the wind generators from 600 kw up to 800 kw.

Project -foundation works
25.000-30.000 Euro
Installation works
15.000-18.000 Еuro
Cost of truck crane
Carrying capacity of a truck crane
625 ton
Jib length
80 m+20 m
Delivery of truck crane for km
50-60 Еuro
Operating schedule
500-550 Еuro

The Conditions of transportation and installation are determined by the Contract. Transportation will be carried out by special transport. The price of constructer-installation works depends on capacity of wind turbine, remotness of electrical supply network and on lay of land.

Experts of our company will make installation quickly and qualitatively.