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Is a part of a business group operating in energy sector. The company has а long experience in alternative solar and wind renewable energy. We are involved in developing of various projects because of the increasing need of energy independence and using of alternative methods for energy production. We support the realization of wind energy projects of all types. We are involved in developing of various projects – from developing of wind monitoring reports to installation and post – maintenance services.

The company is registered at The Electricity System Operator(ESO) EAD with code of market participant 32X001100100949W and holds a license for electricity trading No Л-436-15 / 04.03.2015, complemented by rights coordinator of standard balancing group. The company delivers electricity at freely negotiated prices to all consumers(physical and juridical) everyone who want to leave the regulated market or the free electricity market in Bulgaria. In addition to the internal market, the company exported electricity to neighbor countries – Serbia, Greece, Turkey, Romania, Macedonia, Slovenia, Croatia.

Renawable Energy Projects from Green World Group Ltd. are a sustainable investment with secure, long term high returns, low maintenance costs and fast construction times
Green World Group Ltd.


Financing of Renewable Energy and Green Hydrogen projects of All Types

Our company offers ready projects at different stage of readiness with full package of necessary documentations. Green World Group Ltd. could help its customers in finding a financial support. Working with our company is an advantage in such situation. We could help our clients in finding financial support from different sources. We offer bank credit projects, leasing payment projects, stock acquiring. 

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